Pick a Tour Demo

We have just what you're looking for!

That is why we have prepared individual demos for each of our Price Packs.

Each demo has been configured to illustrate what is included within each price pack.

Remember that once your tour order has been activated you will then be able to edit and customize it to meet your needs.

Customization includes such things as tour background color options, text colors, your logo, photo and much more.

You can also edit your tour info and display features.

This includes rearranging the display order of your photos, editing titles, adding photo descriptions for each photo and removing or replacing photos in your tour.

Don't forget that you can and even add a floor plan image to your tour for FREE!

CityPak 22 Demo

Upto 22 digital photos

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View Demo

CityPak Lite Demo

Upto 12 digital photos and
Upto 2 digital panoramas

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View Demo

CityPak Xpress Demo

Upto 22 digital photos and
Upto 4 digital panoramas

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View Demo

CityPak Ultra Demo

Upto 32 digital photos and
Upto 6 digital panoramas

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View Demo

Tour Add-On Demos

3D Showcase

Add-On Now On Sale: View Pricing
iVRTours 3D Showcase - Toronto 3D ToursWe proudly present our most powerful tour add-on yet.

With the 3D Showcase tour add-on, viewers can now immerse themselves in the most realistic online tour presentation.

Experience realty media like never before!

Dollhouse & Floorplan Views are included FREE with ALL 3D Showcase packages.

Engage Buyers, Win Listings and Become a Market Leader!

Add a 3D Showcase to your iVRTour TODAY!

On-Site Welcome Videos / Virtual Tour Intros & Outros

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We now place you directly in front of potential buyers like NEVER before.

With your iVRTour Order, you can now have your very own personalized Video Message recorded to introduce the property, as well as, thank the viewers for watching your tour.

These On-site Welcome Videos are taped with YOU at the property on the same date and time we are shooting the tour.

You will be able to proof the videos on the spot before they are processed and added to your tour.

Processing will be done over-night, same as your tour, so by the next morning you're all set to sell, sell, sell!

Personal Welcome Videos / Virtual Tour Intros & Outros

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Become the HOST of ALL your Virutal Tours with us by adding your very own personalized prerecorded Video Message!

You can introduce yourself, your company and the services you offer, as well as, thank the viewers for watching your tours.

These Personal Welcome Videos are scripted and professionally taped on location at your office or home.

You will be able to approve the videos on the spot before they are processed and added to your iVRTours account.

It's not just Business. It's PERSONAL!

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